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Exchanging or stock markets are international brokers boards for purchasing and selling stock items, bonds, commodity and other futures, options, interest rates and currencies.

It is named stock market also because it doesn’t matter which asset is operated. Today almost anyone could start trading of one or another stock instrument having moderate financial expenses.  However we won’t deal with an asset, we will deal with our subjective notion about it. According to our ideas we choose first of all an instrument, secondly, trade idea and thirdly, conditions on which we open and close the transactions.

There is a leisured presentation of stock trading as a horn of plenty: indispensable quotation growth, investment horizons, a great number of famous rich moneymakers, people also glorify investors and blame speculators. What is this horn and why people aren’t still rich? Or maybe those who are not rich haven’t enough means for investment? Or the stock exchange is a fraud?

Yes and no. Let’s try to describe critically the stock market and to analyze trader’s action principals aimed to raise income from the participation in trading. I don’t consider questions of justice and moral aspects now as it concerns ethics subject and it needs particular analysis.


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